tales of a twitterpated writer

The Story
By William Blake-Drake

Story! Story! yet to write
In the newsrooms of the night,
What nocturnal journalist
Could frame thy lede and nutgraf/gist?

In what distant source or two
Burn the quotes I need for you?
On what site dare facts reside?
What the Google, at my side?

And what structure, and what arc –
Oh no, these quotes are full of snark!
I know I really shouldn’t edit –
What dread ‘um’? And – wait – who said it?

When’s my deadline? What’s the time?
I’m done, I’m done, how sublime!
When’s the next one? What’s in line,
what will my editors assign?

When passive voices dropped their spears,
And showered verbs on thirsty ears,
Did she smile, her work to view?
Did she who wrote that crap write you?

Story! I can’t wait to write
In the newsrooms of the night,
I’m the newbie journalist
Who frames thy lede and nutgraf/gist!

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  1. danielleventon says:

    Where is the like button on this thing?

  2. Jane Lee says:

    I love the line “In what distant source or two/Burn the quotes I need for you?”

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