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A few comments:

1. NMNH in the captions = National Museum of Natural History, aka the Smithsonian’s absurdly fun enormous collection of dinosaur bones, a giant squid, the Hope diamond, meteorites, BUGS, elephants, a crochet coral reef that lives up to its hyperbolic name…

2. The National Art Gallery has a great temporary exhibit featuring Arcimbaldo, a painter whose work in the 1500s was pretty strange for the time. I’ll go out on a limb and say there are similarities between some of his paintings and those from later artists, like Dali.

3. The National Art Gallery also features a Munch exhibit with some beautiful pieces demonstrating the progression from a painting’s conception to completion. There are quite a few drafts of “Death and the Maiden,” “The Kiss,” and “Vampire,” in addition to…early versions of  “Madonna” — which prompted this discussion:

K: This was definitely done during his teenage years.

N: Um, there are sperm in this painting.

K: Science content!

Proof: science and art do mix. [though I’m pretty sure the later drafts of the painting excluded the sperm border work.]

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