HAPPY HALLOWEEN: nature’s unintentional look-alikes.

UPDATED: I’ve added a few more doppelgangers.

First things first: this post has a soundtrack. Click below:

Night On Bare Mountain

Second: ^*that*^ is part of a freakish, subterranean, wine-spewing fountain in the Budavar labyrinths in Budapest, Hungary. You should’ve seen the fruit flies down there.

Ok. In honor of one of my favorite holidays (yeah, I consider it a holiday)…

I present to you — in blog form — look-alikes, and costume suggestions for the natural world…and at least one example of life imitating art.



Poisonous Jelly-Flowers?








Ithaca sky needs a firefighter







Monster Bunny and his highland ally








The Sunfish and the Caterpillar








Jabba the Toadd






The Narwhal in the Garden







Life Imitates Art.









Bats and shoes grow on trees. Maybe money will join them someday?








Pooh-rock in Utah (not quite Grilled Cheesus)








The Pterodactyl Orchid









The bank-robbing-Santa orchid







The Krusty orchid








Mutant saguaro in Phoenix should seriously consider Medusa as a costume









Hammer-crab shark






Life imitates….life







You otter bring a book next time!























The Dragon-Monkey








More critters that hang from trees: apes and sloths.








Everyone is a big spider, in their own pond






Oh, Fortuna (look closely)






Pinniped-canis Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus







And….since peacocks…err, peafowl, are all the rage this year:

(this is actually a peacock, for all you AP Stylebookers. I have Melissae to thank for that piece of knowledge!)

Have a safe and happy Halloween. Stay out late, eat lots of candy, take tons of photos.



1. Blue flowers: http://www.naturalbell.com

2. Fireball: http://www.chinese-letter.com

3. Caterpillar, hippo, Pooh from Disney

4. Shrooms: http://www.phillcatton.co.uk

5. Jabba from a galaxy far, far away

6. Narwhal: http://www.geek.com (that’s appropriate)

7. Bats out of hell. Or, http://comont.org/hervey007.jpg

8. Pteranodon from prehistoric dailymail.co.uk

9. Krusty…oh, Krusty.

10. Medusa from the flag of Dohalice, a village in the Czech Republic.

11. Hammerhead shark from free-extras.com. It’s free, but not extra.

12. Otter twin from Life Magazine.

13. Mallard from Thundafunda. (wow, I can’t believe I just typed that)

14. Nads as the Sugar Plum Fairy by Katie Grace Crutchfield.

15. Blue monkey from Zazzle.

16. Tree sloth: http://webecoist.com/2008/08/24/strangest-endangered-species-and-animals/

17. Little fish big fish: http://www.bflf.com.au/page1.html

18. Sleeping golden pups: 99ranch.com

19. Ship’s wheel from http://www.mackinacparks.com

20. The rest are by nads, and are — as always — copywritten.

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4 Responses to HAPPY HALLOWEEN: nature’s unintentional look-alikes.

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  2. Paul says:

    But if peacocks are all the rage, then why isn’t anyone sporting a fake white beard and brown moustache to go as their not-so-sexy side??? 😉

  3. nadia drake says:

    Whoa! What am I looking at?! 😉

    Pea-aSs. (PS) See #2 in linked article for the answer… though I imagine I might find something similar to your photo on the pacific garden mall tonight…

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