Perhaps Sinatra didn’t know about E. coli…

…or else these would have been the lyrics to “Strangers in the Night.”

The opening party for the National Association of Science Writers annual meeting was Friday. A folk singer, a classical guitar/opera duo, and an astronomical a cappella group serenaded about 600 science writers with songs about science. Some people write about science, others sing.

Leo Kretzner, NASW member, molecular biologist, and singer/songwriter, wrote and performed the parody above.

Extra credit: Name the restriction enzymes during the doobee-doobeedoos.

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2 Responses to Perhaps Sinatra didn’t know about E. coli…

  1. nadia drake says:

    hmmm….I caught Eco, Hind, Sma, and Xba…but I think I missed two!

    PS that’s hysterical.

    PPS Scooby, scooby doo….

  2. Melissae says:

    You caught as many as I did. I was secretly hoping someone else would get the rest. Fingers crossed for a reader who slept with the New England Biolabs catalog under his/her pillow.

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