Switching Gears

I started today with a plan. I would go into my internship and finish up an article about robots that never showed up. Then I would write a short piece about a local girl scout troop that won a robotics competition.

But, an hour into my day, I got tasked to write about an instructor at a local institute who misrepresented his academic credentials.

As I was researching the academic malfeasance incident, the coach of the robotics team returned my call. Since my editor still wanted a short piece on them, I went straight into an interview with her and how great it was that her girls had won a trophy at their robotics competition.

I spent the first couple minutes on the phone trying to get my brain to readjust to the new topic.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve had to perform such a mental about-face. There have been days where I’ve spoken to sources about the suicides of gay youth and the veterinary care of marine animals.

I just have to marvel at these situations. Where else can you write a feel-good story about little girls programming robots and in the next breath, instructors who lie about their academic training?


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Jane Lee is a graduate student in the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program.
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