What was that thud?

We’ve been having some intense weather today. Wave after wave of hail woke me up this morning – little stones clattering on the roof. Anything that isn’t nailed down has been wildly bouncing in the wind. Our power started to flicker off and on earlier in the evening.

I was speaking with one of my housemates about moving a chair away from a window that had some branches blowing up against it when all of a sudden, there was a loud thud and the entire house shook.

When we ran to the windows in our living room, there, stretched across our deck, was a really big branch from a nearby tree. There were little bits of foliage dangling from our gutter, and our outside table is squashed underneath a load of leaves and wood. We think the whole mess fell on our roof, then bounced off and smashed into our deck.

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We’re ok. My housemate moved his car out from underneath the deck. One of the branches is lying right across some power lines. They’re still intact, but if our deck railing hadn’t caught most of the weight, those lines would have snapped. I just hope it holds up until someone can come out and deal with it.


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Jane Lee is a graduate student in the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program.
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