Adventures in Time-lapse

I’ve always admired time-lapse videos. You can watch the seasons turn or cloud banks roil against a mountain range in a matter of seconds. One guy shot a time-lapse of himself driving across the country, although this takes several minutes to watch.

After learning how to make my own time-lapse sequence in class, I spent sunset this past Sunday capturing images.

It was definitely an adventure – equipment failures (tripod attachment), dead batteries (but I had a spare!), and people wanting to ask what I was doing. Since I had to take a picture every four seconds and I don’t have one of those programmable gadgets that will take them for you, I had to keep a weather eye on my stopwatch. No time to talk, sorry! But, I got what I needed. You can see for yourself how it turned out:


About janejaelee

Jane Lee is a graduate student in the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program.
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