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Science Writing Retrospective

This weekend I visited one of my best friends from my undergraduate days at Harvey Mudd College.  The trip put me in a nostalgic mood, and I decided to see if I could dig up some of my school papers … Continue reading

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The science of a flaky crust

I love pie, both the baking and the eating of it.  I also love pumpkin, and so Thanksgiving always provide a wonderful opportunity to combine my two loves into one glorious dish. This morning, I happily pulled out my pumpkin-pie-making … Continue reading

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Seymour Center Field Trip

As our first quarter as SciCom students nears its end, I realize I’ve been spending a lot of time staring at my computer screen.  This weekend, a visit from my parents provided a much needed excuse to leave the digital … Continue reading

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Let the sunshine in

In preparation for a spring class in investigative journalism, my classmates and I began filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests this week.  There is a certain amount of glamour in investigative journalism.  Think clandestine meetings, code names, scandals, lies, … Continue reading

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Museum Mishaps

Last night the National Association of Science Writers held a ScienceWriters2010 welcome reception in the Peabody Museum of Natural History here at Yale.  The entrance of the museum is graced with this terrific hanging squid.  From airplanes to whale bones, … Continue reading

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Hurray for the Engineers!

 The otters our class saw on our field trip to Monterey Bay were awfully cute.  But I have to admit there was a piece of my former engineer’s heart that was touched, not by the furry faces, but by the … Continue reading

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Ripples, waves, and swirls

I’ve always been fascinated by fluid dynamics.  A New Scientist article about how tap water hitting a sink could be used to model white holes inspired me to compile some pictures of other everyday fluid flow patterns.

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