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martini-drinking robot minions

Awhile ago, I wrote about the robots (Stormtroompas)¬†working behind the scenes at the San Jose Mercury News. It would be great, I thought at the time, to capture these things on video. So I did. Here, for your amusement, is … Continue reading

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During winter quarter I interned at the San Jose Mercury News. On my last day, I saw ROBOTS. In the *building*. The bots keep the presses plied with newspaper, but really they’re plotting to take over the world (just a … Continue reading

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Switching Gears

I started today with a plan. I would go into my internship and finish up an article about robots that never showed up. Then I would write a short piece about a local girl scout troop that won a robotics … Continue reading

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You Promised Me A Robot

I had a chance to cover a demonstration last week involving the military and unmanned autonomous vehicles (a.k.a. robots) for my internship. The robots were designed to fly out, locate wounded soldiers on a battlefield, and relay the soldier’s vitals … Continue reading

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