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Sea otter death….and life!

Last fall, our class visited the sea otter researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sandeep summarized many neat tidbits about otters from that trip on this blog. Two items that really piqued my interest involved otter mortality. In California, many otters … Continue reading

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Hurray for the Engineers!

 The otters our class saw on our field trip to Monterey Bay were awfully cute.  But I have to admit there was a piece of my former engineer’s heart that was touched, not by the furry faces, but by the … Continue reading

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Four fun facts about sea otters

1.     Sea otters have the densest hair of any mammal – around 900,000 hairs per square inch (140,000 hairs/cm2)[1]. That’s more than 500X denser than the hair on the human scalp, which averages at 1600 hairs per square inch (250 … Continue reading

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Stalking Otters: How Some Scientists Get Their Data

When I hear that otters spend X percent of their time feeding (or some other behavior), how do scientists know that? Surely they don’t follow otters around to see what they do all day… As it turns out, that’s exactly … Continue reading

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