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Jane Lee is a graduate student in the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program.

Adventures in Time-lapse

I’ve always admired time-lapse videos. You can watch the seasons turn or cloud banks roil against a mountain range in a matter of seconds. One guy shot a time-lapse of himself driving across the country, although this takes several minutes … Continue reading

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The Truman Show – Bald Eagle Style

I don’t normally watch reality tv, but I’ve recently started watching one show. Filmed high up in a tree in Decorah, Iowa, two cameras record the lives of a family of bald eagles. This weekend saw some excitement, with the … Continue reading

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Good morning

Who needs an alarm clock when you’ve got the Whomping Willow wailing on your deck? Or Whomping Pine Tree as it were… The part that smashed into our house around 10:30 last night completed its ground assault early this morning … Continue reading

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What was that thud?

We’ve been having some intense weather today. Wave after wave of hail woke me up this morning – little stones clattering on the roof. Anything that isn’t nailed down has been wildly bouncing in the wind. Our power started to … Continue reading

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Feeling violated at the airport

Coming back from last week’s AAAS 2011 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., some of my classmates and I went through Dulles International Airport. After a fun, but stressful, three-day meeting, I was ready to come home. But as airport security … Continue reading

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Hide and Seek

I am an intern at an organization I used to work at as a science graduate student. I was really nervous about seeing people I had worked with again….I would not be talking to them about the latest data points … Continue reading

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A friend of mine died one year ago today. Stomach cancer. It was quick, but not painless. When she was diagnosed it was already pretty advanced, and she wasn’t ready to go. Near the end though I think she was … Continue reading

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